Ahad, 27 Mac 2011

jom tengok wayang_HOP

Jom ramai2 serbu panggung tengok citer HOP yang bakal ditayangkan pada 30 march 2011.

Disini sedikit sinopsis citer HOP:-

Jobless slacker Fred (James
Marsden) discovers that hares
make horrible houseguests after
injuring the Easter Bunny (Russell
Brand) and agreeing to nurse the
little hopper back to health in this
animated comedy from the
writers of Despicable Me, and
director Tim Hill (Rocko's Modern
Life, SpongeBob SquarePants).
For the past 4,000 years, the
Easter Bunny has brought joy
and candy to kids all across the
globe; however, the time has
come for a new Easter Bunny to
take over the tradition. But while
EB is the next in line to receive
the official title, he couldn't care
less about becoming the official
bearer of chocolate eggs and
jellybeans. Escaping to Hollywood
in a bid to find fame and fortune,
EB hops in front of an oncoming
car driven by Fred, who agrees to
give him a place to recover until
he's healthy enough to hop
along home. Now, the harder
Fred struggles to stop his furry
new companion from sending
his life into a tailspin, the more
satisfaction he begins to get out
of his newfound responsibility.
With a little luck and a whole lot
of patience, Fred just might
become the man who saved
Easter for everyone. ~

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